Are you serious about dSLR filmmaking?[edit | edit source]


Watch a few short films made with Magic Lantern!

Do you care about proper exposure?[edit | edit source]

RGB zebras, waveform, spotmeter, false colors are just a few tools.

Are you a musician or audiophile?[edit | edit source]

Magic Lantern will help you get the best audio quality in the camera, as well as monitoring and VU-meters.

Are you a manual lens shooter?[edit | edit source]

So are we! You will find plenty of focus assist tools (peaking, zoom box, trap focus...)

Do you like long exposures and astrophotography?[edit | edit source]


You will appreciate exposures longer than 30 seconds and shake-free shutter release modes.

Are you a macro photographer?[edit | edit source]

Do you want a long depth of field with everything in focus? Try Stack Focus.

Are you a HDR enthusiast?[edit | edit source]


Bracketing up to 9 frames with spacing from 0.5 to 5 EV should handle even the most difficult contre-jours.

Do you want to shoot timelapse?[edit | edit source]

Check out the built-in intervalometer and bulb ramping!

Are you a wildlife shooter?[edit | edit source]


Motion detection, trap focus and audio trigger might be just for you.

Do you like to tinker with hidden settings?[edit | edit source]


Check shutter counter, movie recording with 50D, ISO 25600, flash exposure compensation from -5EV, Kelvin white balance on all cameras...

Do you want to record more than 12 minutes?[edit | edit source]

Check out Bit rate control and automatic movie restart.

Do you want to use HDMI monitors or recorders?[edit | edit source]

You can have clean YUV422 signal (without focusing box) on HDMI Output.

Do you need custom grids or cropmarks?[edit | edit source]


Simply draw them in your favorite image editing program and save them as bitmaps! Or use one of the included ones.

Do you use a fisheye lens?[edit | edit source]

Turn it into a ultra wide rectilinear lens with live defishing preview!

Is that all?[edit | edit source]


Check out the user guide for more! Custom focus patterns, focus stacking, transparent overlays for panoramas, fast zoom in Play mode... you name it.

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