Both EOScard and work with cards larger than 4 GB.

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A note about these instructions[edit | edit source]

This page should be considered a tentative workaround to using CardTricks. For some users, it may not be necessary. Use this method only if you find that CardTricks does not work for you.

Using BootCF[edit | edit source]

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When using Magic Lantern for the 550d/T2i, an SD card with EOS_DEVELOP and BOOTDISK flags is needed to mark the card for autobooting. However, due to a limitation in the CardTricks software, it is not possible to write the flags to the MBR of SD cards larger that 4 gigabytes in size. To add these flags from a Windows machine easily, download bootCF from here,and cc3280mt.dll from hereor any other trustworthy .dll download site. For Mac users, the terminal commands listed in the original 550d/T2i hack announcement should work regardless of card size.

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To use bootCF:

Place bootCF.exe and cc3280mt.dll in the same folder.

Run bootCF.exe

Enter the drive letter of the SD card you want to flag (ie: A:/ through Z:/).

It will then analyze the card, and (if it finds there are no EOS_DEVELOP or BOOTDISK flags) prompt user input.

If you want to Write the flags, press W and then ENTER. Conversely, if you want to Remove the flags, type R and press ENTER.

The program should process quickly, and then complete the writing. Your SD card should be ready to use.

To make sure it worked, enter the SD drive letter in bootCF again, and see if the labels EOS_DEVELOP and BOOTDISK appear.

If the labels are visible, the process is complete, and the card should now work with the Magic Lantern firmware.

From [1]:

I was sick of my new 32GB SDHC card, because of ML doesn't work, but then I discovered that it doesn't work only if you format your card with Windows.

My workaround is to format card with camera instead, then use bootCF.exe to write develop flag and then copy Magic Lantern files to card. It works for me.

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