Prepare the camera[edit | edit source]

First to have a common baseline you need to restore the camera to factory settings.

  1. Disable ML boot from camera using the Update Firmware procedure (to do: add link to the guide)
  2. Reset Personal configuration and Cf.N. configuration from Canon Menu;
  3. Restart camera (without ML loaded), format SD low level;
  4. Unzip last release of ML on the card from a computer with an SD reader;
  5. Enable ML boot boot from camera using the Update Firmware procedure (switch it a couple of time if you want to test it).
  6. Restart camera with ML.

Menu Navigation[edit | edit source]

Try to move around the menu entries with all the arrow key and using the * key to enable scrollwheel selection on each item.

Audio[edit | edit source]

Audio meters[edit | edit source]

  • menu setting: on/off
  • should be active in movie mode only
  • should be inactive when you zoom in/out
  • should listen to GlobalDraw
  • should be displayed in ML menu, regardless of GlobalDraw setting
  • menu icon: red when GlobalDraw is off, or in photo mode

Analog gain[edit | edit source]

  • Changing this setting should be visible in audio meters and audible in headphones

Digital gain[edit | edit source]

  • Same as analog gain
  • Menu entry should become red on any nonzero setting

AGC[edit | edit source]

  • Check the video from ML homepage
  • While in ML menu, you should see the digital gain meter
  • Enabling AGC should disable digital gain

Input source[edit | edit source]

  • You need an external mic to test it
  • Auto setting: capitalization should reflect the correct setting (INT or EXT)

Mic power[edit | edit source]

  • Plug headphones in mic jack; you should hear a click when toggling this setting
  • With high-impedance microphones, volume should be higher with mic power off

Audio monitoring[edit | edit source]

  • Plug headphones and listen to audio
  • Start camera with cable plugged; image should be on built-in LCD
  • Plug/unplug cable while camera is on: image should not disappear, but sound should be redirected to headphones
  • In playback mode: audio should be in headphones if they are plugged in; otherwise, on built-in speaker

Output volume[edit | edit source]

  • With audio monitoring enabled, this should change the volume in the headphones

LiveV[edit | edit source]

For all items[edit | edit source]

  • They should be displayed in:
    • LiveView mode, when idle (i.e. not when zooming in or when navigating the left menu)
    • Playback mode, when pressing the shortcut key (Q/Unlock/Disp/Func, depending on camera model)
  • They should not overwrite Canon graphic elements

GlobalDraw[edit | edit source]

  • should disable all graphics tools from LiveView, and also audio meters, bitrate/time indicators, top/bottom bar, extra info in photo mode
  • the icons of disabled items should become red when globaldraw is off

Histogram/Waveform[edit | edit source]

  • Position should be correct (not overwriting other elements)
  • Make sure ML histogram shape matches Canon histogram
  • Refresh rate: around 1fps, maybe faster, maybe slower...

Zebras[edit | edit source]

  • Frame rate: should be fluent
  • Underexpose/overexpose the image, and zebras should appear
  • Zebra color/pattern should indicate the type of over/under-exposure

False color[edit | edit source]

  • Should match the LiveView image (obvious)
  • Check color palette (should match the ones from the manual)
  • Luma histogram should change its colors after the false color palette

Cropmarks[edit | edit source]

  • Should overlay the 3:2 LiveView image area (with built-in display, that's full screen; with external monitors, it's not)
  • Redraw behavior:
    • Redraw after changing it from menu
    • Redraw after turning off Magic Zoom
    • Redraw after clearing AF frame
    • Redraw after any other graphics operation which may erase the cropmarks (or part of them)
  • Cropmark drawing is CPU intensive => should not cause recording to stop (even on slow card)

Ghost image[edit | edit source]

  • Redraw: same as cropmarks
  • Position on screen: same as cropmarks
  • Moved around with arrows, centered/toggled with SET

Live Defish[edit | edit source]

  • With a Samyang 8mm, LiveView image should be rectilinear

Spotmeter[edit | edit source]

  • Position: the square should be in the center of the image
  • Measured area should be the center of the image (check with a small object)
  • Range: 0 (black)...100 (white) in percent mode.
    • Certain picture styles may have different limits.
    • In IRE modes, the range is slightly different.
  • Visibility: should be readable on dark and on light images

Focus peak[edit | edit source]

  • Dots should align with the image
  • Refresh rate: should be fluent

Magic Zoom[edit | edit source]

  • Should not flicker
  • Image should match the markers
  • Should disable ExpSim if that setting is Auto
  • Should be toggled by focus ring in Zr+F mode (only if the lens reports focus distance)
  • Should take over the Zoom In button in (+) mode
  • Should take over the Zoom In button only while recording, in Zr* modes.
  • If you enable Magic Zoom while Canon's 5x zoom is active, it should not take over the Zoom In button (i.e. first press should zoom out, next press should enable MZ)
  • Bars should become green when image is in focus
  • You should be able to move the zoom area even during recording

Split Screen[edit | edit source]

  • Magic Zoom window should split when image is not in focus

ClearScreen[edit | edit source]

  • HalfShutter
    • All overlays should go away if you hold shutter for one second or so
    • A quick press should hide zebras, peaking, false color...
    • After releasing the shutter, the screen should redraw
  • WhenIdle
    • All overlays should go away if you don't press any key for a few seconds
    • All overlays should come back as soon as you press a key (or cover the LCD sensor)

Movie[edit | edit source]

Bit rate[edit | edit source]

  • You should be able to change it only when not recording
  • Bitrate meter (near REC dot) should reflect the setting from menu, unless QScale hits the limits (+16 and -16). For example, at CBR 0.5x, bitrate should be around 22Mbps.

BuffWarnLevel[edit | edit source]

  • If record buffer becomes full (level higher than the setting in menu), ML should:
    • show a red indicator
    • pause LiveView graphics
  • If the record buffer becomes empty again, ML should:
    • no longer show the red indicator (show it as green)
    • resume LiveView graphics
  • Setting this to 100% should disable pausing LiveView graphics.

Bitrate info[edit | edit source]

  • Should display bitrate info around REC dot.

Movie logging[edit | edit source]

  • Should create a LOG file for each movie
  • You should be able to import the LOG file in MS Excel after renaming it to CSV

Movie restart[edit | edit source]

  • Should restart recording if it stops due to:
    • buffer overflow
    • 4GB/30min limit
  • Should not restart recording if you press the REC button to stop it manually.

MovieModeRemap[edit | edit source]

  • When you dial to the mode configured here, camera should go to movie mode instead
  • When you dial to movie mode, camera should remain in movie mode
  • When you dial to another (photo) mode, camera should go to that mode

Movie REC key[edit | edit source]

  • Recording should start/stop when you press the key configured there
  • Recording should not start/stop when you press some other key

WB workaround[edit | edit source]

  • Kelvin and WBShift settings should be saved in movie mode if you restart the camera
  • Same thing when switching to photo mode and back

Force LiveView[edit | edit source]

  • Start+CPU lenses
    • Camera should go to LiveView at startup, even without a lens attached
    • Camera should go to LiveView as soon as you attach a chipped lens
  • Always
    • In movie mode, camera should be always in LiveView (even without a lens attached)

Force HDMI-VGA[edit | edit source]

  • In movie mode, LiveView, with a HDMI monitor, camera should not choose 1080i, but 720x480.
  • Screen shoud not blackout when starting AND stopping recording
  • Result may depend on your monitor (each monitor have its own implementation for HDMI negotiation procedure)

Shoot[edit | edit source]

HDR bracketing[edit | edit source]

  • Should work in Manual mode without EV limits
  • Should work in P, Tv, Av (maybe in other modes too, if you like), but within EV compensation limits from your camera model
  • Should enable 2sec self-timer when pressing the shutter halfway, and disable it as soon as you release the shutter
  • Should take a bracketed sequence after you take a regular picture
  • Should work with intervalometer, audio remote, motion detect, focus stack and maybe others
  • Should not autofocus for each frame (first frame can be autofocused if desired)

Intervalometer[edit | edit source]

  • Should take pictures at the specified interval
  • In NoWait mode, use a clock which shows seconds to check timing accuracy
  • Should work even if display is turned off
  • If ML is set to turn display off in LiveView, the intervalometer should listen to this setting
  • Should work regardless of other settings, e.g.
    • LiveView
    • Bulb mode
    • Image review setting (e.g. you should be able to set 8s review and 5s between shots)
    • QuickReview->Play setting from Tweaks menu

Bulb Ramping[edit | edit source]

  • Should calibrate if the image is properly exposed
  • Should give warnings/info if the image is not properly exposed
  • Should give warnings/info if you start it in the wrong mode
  • Should not cause flicker if exposure changes in one way
  • Should not cause the intervalometer to run slower

LCD remote shot[edit | edit source]

  • Should work both in LiveView or outside LiveView
  • Icon should be visible in the menu
  • Should play nice with other settings (e.g. Image Review time)

Audio remote shot[edit | edit source]

  • When you clap your hands, it should take one picture (not two, not 10, not 100)
  • Should play nice with self-timer

Motion detect[edit | edit source]

  • Should work in LiveView as advertised
  • Should play nice with powersaving settings (especially display off)

Silent pic[edit | edit source]

  • Should take a picture when you press the shutter halfway
  • You should be able to see the picture in Play menu (SET+Wheel)
  • You should be able to decode the picture on the PC (422-jpg)
  • The picture should not have a horizontal line when shooting a moving object/scene
  • In FullHD mode, resolution should be almost FullHD
  • Slit-scan specific:
    • Pressing the shutter halfway in the middle of a slit-scan should cancel the exposure (and delete the image)

Bulb timer[edit | edit source]

  • Should take a picture if you press the shutter halfway, after 2 seconds
  • Exposure time should match the one selected from menu
  • It should work even with display off

Mirror lockup[edit | edit source]

  • If you change it from ML, Canon menus should reflect the change
  • If you change it from Canon setting, ML setting should reflect the change
  • Should play nice with HDR, intervalometer, motion detect...

Expo[edit | edit source]

Common to most items[edit | edit source]

  • You should be able to change these settings from both Canon and ML menus; changes from one menu should result in updating the other menu.
  • When you change some setting in LiveView, the image should appear
  • Auto-tuning [Q] should give consistent results

ISO[edit | edit source]

  • Changing the ISO should be visible on histogram

Kelvin WB, WBShift[edit | edit source]

  • Changing these settings should result in visible changes in LiveView image and when you take a picture.

Shutter[edit | edit source]

  • In movie mode, it should also display the value in degrees (check if accurate)

Aperture[edit | edit source]

  • Should just work :)
  • Check if it wraps around correctly in the menu

Light adjust[edit | edit source]

  • Should work as advertised

Picture style[edit | edit source]

  • Should display correct name and settings

REC PicStyle[edit | edit source]

  • Should switch to that style as soon as you start recording
  • Should switch back as soon as you stop recording
  • Should display a notification to let you know what's going on

Flash AEcomp[edit | edit source]

  • Each setting should give a different exposure on the taken picture, with flash (changes should be visible on the histogram in Playback mode)

Focus[edit | edit source]

Trap Focus[edit | edit source]

  • Should work both outside and in LiveView

Focus patterns[edit | edit source]

  • Should work as advertised
  • Should not take over the SET button if you have assigned some other function to it

Follow focus[edit | edit source]

  • Should turn the focus ring in LiveView when you press the arrows
  • You should be able to change the direction and the speed
  • If you cover the LCD sensor, arrow keys should move the AF frame around
  • It should not take over the arrow keys while navigating the left Canon menu (for example)

Focus speed / Focus delay[edit | edit source]

  • Should work as advertised (effect should be noticeable when using rack and follow focus)

Rack focus[edit | edit source]

  • Should work as described in the manual

Stack focus[edit | edit source]

  • Should go to LiveView by itself
  • Should ask you to switch the lens to AF (if it's not done)
  • Should work regardless of AF button assignment setting (half-shutter, *, AF...)
  • Should bring the lens back to its initial position after finishing
  • Should play nice with HDR bracketing

Focus indicators[edit | edit source]

  • Numbers should update when you turn the focus ring
  • Check displayed numbers for correctness
  • Should be zero with a manual lens, or not displayed at all

Tweak[edit | edit source]

Exposure simulation[edit | edit source]

  • You should be able to toggle it in photo mode, when flash is off
  • In "ExpSim:auto" mode, it should turn off when you activate some kind of zoom mode (Magic Zoom or Canon zoom)
  • It should display a crossed ExpSim icon when it's turned off
  • When it's off, it should hide all exposure tools (zebra, histogram, waveform, spotmeter, false color)

AF frame hide[edit | edit source]

  • Should hide the AF frame (also check for extreme positions of AF frame on the screen)
  • Should redraw the graphical elements (partially) erased during this process

Auto Burst PicQuality[edit | edit source]

  • With RAW setting you should be able to take a lot of pictures without slowing down
  • First picture should be at full quality, others may have lower quality
  • Quality should be restored back to your initial setting after you finish the burst sequence

Show cropmarks in: photo / movie mode[edit | edit source]

  • Should work as advertised

ISO selection[edit | edit source]

  • Should work as advertised

LiveView zoom[edit | edit source]

  • You should be able to disable x5 or x10 zoom (i.e. one press to zoom in, one press to go back)
  • You should be able to use the zoom button in Face Detect mode (it should zoom on current face)

Play[edit | edit source]

After taking a photo: Hold->Play[edit | edit source]

  • You should be able to zoom in after taking a photo without pressing PLAY
  • It should not block buttons which you use during normal shooting (e.g. ISO) => not working yet

Quick zoom in play mode[edit | edit source]

  • Should zoom in faster than with standard firmware

Show cropmarks in Play mode[edit | edit source]

  • Cropmarks should be displayed in Play mode without you having to press any other key

SET+Wheel action[edit | edit source]

  • Should work as advertised

Config[edit | edit source]

Config AutoSave[edit | edit source]

  • Config file should be saved:
    • after closing menu, but only if you have changed some setting
    • at shutdown (from power switch or by opening the card slot)
  • Config file should never be saved if this setting is off

Save config now[edit | edit source]

  • Should work as advertised

Delete config file[edit | edit source]

  • Should delete config file and turn off config autosave for the current session only.
  • After restart, ML settings should be back to their defaults, and config autosave should be on

DISP profiles[edit | edit source]

  • Should work as advertised
  • This function was known to cause crashes, check with different LiveV settings

Debug[edit | edit source]

  • Screenshot
    • LED should blink for 10 seconds
    • After 10 seconds, it should beep and save a screenshot

Powersave[edit | edit source]

These items only work in LiveView.

  • Actions (to be done when camera is idle):
    • Turn off GlobalDraw
    • Dim display
    • Turn off display and LiveView (sensor)
  • Powersave actions are independent (you can configure each one separately)
  • Powersave action should be executed if you don't press any key for the specified amount of time
  • As soon as you press a key, turn the focus ring or cover the LCD sensor, camera should wake up
  • If you turn the camera off while in power save, the camera should not start in powersave mode
  • Should play nice with changing modes while in powersave.

Notes for turn off display and LiveView:

  • Sensor should not be turned off when it's needed:
    • when recording
    • when Motion Detection is active

External monitors[edit | edit source]

  • Camera should start with monitor connected
  • Camera should work well if you connect/disconnect the monitor while running

Possible screen layouts:

Built-in display[edit | edit source]

Everything is 720x480

HDMI[edit | edit source]

  • 1080i
    • LiveView/Movie idle
      • Canon info hidden
      • Canon info displayed (smaller image)
    • Playback
    • Photo mode (non-LV)
    • Menu mode (not altered by ML)
  • VGA mode (720x480)

SD (RCA)[edit | edit source]

  • PAL
  • NTSC

Restore after format[edit | edit source]

  • With a ML zip, everything should be restored after a format
  • Long filenames are known not to work
  • Filesystems:
    • FAT16 (2GB or smaller card)
    • FAT32 (4GB...32GB)
    • EXFAT (64GB) - not working yet
  • Check for missing or extra files

Info displays[edit | edit source]

  • Should show the correct settings
  • Should have the right position on the screen (e.g. not overwriting other Canon items)

Stability[edit | edit source]

Run all of the above tests without crashing[edit | edit source]

Stress test[edit | edit source]

Automatic test; it presses random buttons 10000 times, and in parallel it calls functions known to cause (or have caused) crashes:

  • Redraw
  • Disabling/enabling bitmap overlay
  • Pause/resume LiveView
  • blinking the SD card LED

Intervalometer test[edit | edit source]

  • Take a timelapse of 100 images
  • Do this test in:
    • normal photo mode
    • liveview
    • bulb mode/setting
    • movie mode

Play mode test[edit | edit source]

Scroll through 100 images or so without crashing

Canon menu test[edit | edit source]

Change display brightness from Canon menu.

Wedding test[edit | edit source]

Use the camera all day long at a wedding or similar event. During these events, user stresses the camera much more than when shooting without any time pressure (so bugs are easier to detect).

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