Isn't the "Tip: use Debug->Screenshot to get a bitmap with the correct palette." under the Cropmks(x/n) section intedned to be Debug->Draw palette instead? Kyselejsyrecek 13:06, August 7, 2011 (UTC)

No, it's correct.


Question: Does anybody understand the sentence "The overlays (zebras & friends) will be back when you enter the Q menu or when you press the shutter half-way, and then disappear." under the ClearScreen section, please? I believe, it doesn't mean that I have to desappear, or? I think I may have understood it as "The overlays will be back when ... and then they will disappear again if the camera is idle." Is that correct? Thanks. Kyselejsyrecek 14:48, August 7, 2011 (UTC)

Yes, that's right.


Alexdu, the "<span id="lcd-backlight-level"></span> (new line) * LCD sensor + UP / DOWN: adjust LCD backlight level." hack that I had made had the purpose of fixing the first bullet that is not displayed properly, as you can see. Kyselejsyrecek 16:16, August 9, 2011 (UTC)


Sorry, I didn't notice. Wiki manual is auto-generated from the same source as PDF and BMP versions, but there are still a few problems with the formatting.


Sure. I'd also like to note that there's a small difference between 500D and the others in the custom function regarding the AF button, as I have previously updated the guide to "

This works best when autofocus is assigned to the * button (from Custom Functions, set CFn.9 or CFn.10 on 500D/T1i to 1: Shutter/AE lock button = AE lock/AF).

</li>", which is now located in the line 374. And, may I ask, is the wikia page undergoing regular rollbacks or something? I edited the czech translation of the guide two days ago and published the changes sometime before midnight (GMT +2) and those changes were lost the last day, there wsn't even a note of an update in the history page, although I am pretty sure, the changes have been saved. I translated some part of the lost translation again yesterday and published it in about 21p.m. (GMT). Again, I have ensured that the changes have been all saved and they were. Today again, no translation, no entry in the history. Thanks.


I've removed the camera-specific info, since it's not practical to list the CFn number for all cameras, and it's not difficult to find this option in CFn menu. The manual was written for 550D first, so there may be things specific to this camera.

I didn't touch the Czech page; probably Wikia had a problem and restored a backup.


I have a red cross(well its actually like a 'no smoking sign', a red circle with a diagonal line) displaying in the center of my 60D screen when in video mode, unable to work what this means or how to get rid of it. Everything else working perfectly since installing Magic Lantern a few hours ago. Any suggestions would be great.

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