Magic Lantern Firmware Wiki

Release 0.1.5 Notes

New features

New menus

  • Config file (magiclantern.cfg) support
  • Lens zoom and focus distance readouts
  • No more audio clicks! Only re-writes the AK4646 registers when necessary.
  • Power save can be disabled to leave the camera on full-time
  • Preliminary HDMI support (overlays are not all in the right places)
  • Auto-liveview can be disable to support problematic cards
  • Larger menu font
  • Preliminary Sobel edge detection for "video peaking" (check config file to enable)
  • CMOS temperature readout (maybe; not certain of units)
  • Transparent zebra stripes

Known issues

  • First two seconds of audio in first movie recorded will be wrong gain
  • Lock-ups can occur if "SET" is pressed while Magic Lantern menu is up
  • Magic Lantern menu is not cleared if zebras are not drawn
  • Lock-ups will occur if the card slot is opened with the Magic Lantern menu is up
  • Record indicator is covered by lens information
  • Non-chipped ("chinese") batteries won't boot cleanly
  • HDMI overlay is not in correct location (left audio level is not visible)
  • HMDI cable must be plugged in at boot
  • Composite video is never enabled
  • USB mode is disabled
  • Playback of movie audio on headset is disabled (always in loopback mode)

Internal features

  • Better build system
  • DryOS properties supported
  • Silenced many verbose messages in debug log
  • Preliminary lens info parsing
  • Dynamic menu creation
  • bmp_printf now takes a fontspec with color and size
  • X11 to bitmap font converter


THIS IS A PRE-RELEASE VERSION. Do not use it for production. There will be problems with it. It might destroy your camera. Please don't complain widely on the forums if something doesn't work -- we want to fix it.