Programs with MLV raw file support[edit | edit source]

OS Application Type Features
raw2dng Mac, Linux, Windows Command line DNG Converter
raw2dng Mac GUI Mac GUI DNG Converter
rawdec Mac, Linux Command line, needs compilation from source Playback
Pomfort Cliphouse Mac GUI

Copy, Manage, Color, QuickTime Export (ClipHouse does not convert MLV, only RAW)

Son of Batch Mac GUI convert to DNG, Backup, create Proxies, Preview, In/Out Points
RAWMagic Mac GUI CinemaDNG converter
raw2cdng Windows GUI CinemaDNG converter, mlv and raw, multistrip, batch, 12bit & 16bit, highlightfix(1.5.0), preview, proxy
RAWanizer Windows GUI DNG Converter, batch convert, create proxies, DNxHD, XDcam, ProRes, TIFF. Options to set frame rate, custom conversion using script panel.
BATCHelor Windows GUI DNG Converter, create Cineform Proxies, Lossy/Lossless compressed DNG options (using Adobe tool), Preview, Thumbnails
Eyeframe Converter Windows, Linux, Mac (using WINE) GUI Converts raw to various formats (Mpeg2 I frame HD, MJPEG, ProRes and DNxHD)
Ginger HDR Mac, Windows Plugin for After Effects and Premiere

Trialware. Adds native raw file support to After Effects and Premiere. Bypasses ACR. Does it's own bayer demosaic. Controls for white balance and ceiling. Linux, Mac, *nix shell script Converts raw to mjpeg avi. Needs ffmpeg and ufraw-batch
MlRawViewer Windows, Linux, Mac GUI Viewer/Encoder, GPU-based real-time playback of RAW, MLV and CinemaDNG files. Some color controls. ProRes encoding.

Examples[edit | edit source]

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