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Magic Lantern Development Mailing List[]


UPDATE: The mailing list is not active anymore. Please visit the forum.

The Magic Lantern Mailing List is a google group intended for technical discussion and development of the Magic Lantern firmware for selected Canon EOS DSLR Cameras.

The list is not intended for general user support. This wiki is the only official source of information for users, however there are some discussions taking place on other forums. Until the documentation on this (or another official site) becomes more complete, it is recommended that users also refer to the forums. It is also possible to search the list without first becoming a member.

If you wish to report a bug, or suggest an enhancement please use the Magic Lantern issue tracker. Do not suggest an enhancement which has already been suggested, see note below regarding feature requests.


The list is publically viewable, this means you can search the contents of the list without first becoming a member, so feel free to browse.

If you wish to contribute to the technical discussion, please join the list. Upon joining, please provide a reason for doing so. If you do not provide a reason, membership will be denied. This helps us cut down on spam and non-human members.

New users are moderated, that means any messages you send must be approved by a moderator before it will appear on the list. If your messages do not appear on the list straight away, do not repost. Duplicate posts will be deleted.

Be thoughtful when asking for new features on the list, certain things have been requested many times. Repeating a similar request (wihtout offering new technical information about how it could potentially be achieved) will most likely result in removal from the list. If you think you've come up with a wonderful new feature, please search the list archives to see if it has been mentioned before.

Finally be polite and respectful of other members, this is a not a forum for trolling and flame wars. Disrespectful behaviour will result in a warning or removal from the group.

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