Thanks guys. I have now installed the 2.1.1 firmware but can't seem to find the correct Magic Lantern firmware for my 5D MkII

Can anybody please tell me which version I need and post a link to the download if possible.

Thanks for the info on downgrading from 2.1.2 to 2.1.1

Does anyone have a link to the 2.1.1 firmware?


I'm new to the Canon 5D MkII and Magic Lantern and my 5D MkII has 2.1.2 Firmware.

Is there a Magic Lantern update for 2.1.2 or anyway I can downgrade my camera fiormware to 2.1.1 so I can use Magic Lantern?

I have exhausted all the online searches I can find and any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

If do you need the 2.1.1 firmware send email to! [[Category:Downgrading is simple just follow the instructions for to upgrade your firmware. The 5DMK2 will allow you to downgrade from 2.1.2 > 2.1.1]]

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