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An exemple of identified StringIDs and associated strings:

ROM:FF521DEC MovieSizeFrameRateMessage_table DCD    0,0x18,   0,0x102         ; 0x18=24 fps
ROM:FF521DEC                  ; DATA XREF: guiGetUnaviMovieSizeFrameRateMessage+4
ROM:FF521DEC                  ; ROM:off_FF3CF9F8
ROM:FF521DEC                 DCD    0,0x19,   0,0x101         ; 0x19=25 fps
ROM:FF521DEC                 DCD    0,0x1E,   0,0x100         ; 30, 0=1920x1080
ROM:FF521DEC                 DCD    1,0x32,   0,0x104         ; 50
ROM:FF521DEC                 DCD    1,0x3C,   0,0x103         ; 60, 1=1280x720
ROM:FF521DEC                 DCD    2,0x32,   0,0x106         ; 50
ROM:FF521DEC                 DCD    2,0x3C,   0,0x105         ; 60, 2=640x480
ROM:FF521DEC                 DCD    2,0x32,   8,0x3C0         ; 50
ROM:FF521DEC                 DCD    2,0x3C,   8,0x3BF         ; 60, 2=640x480, 8=crop
ROM:FF521E7C aGuigetunavimov DCB "***** guiGetUnaviMovieSizeFrameRateMessage UnKnown MovieSize(%d)"
ROM:FF521E7C                  ; DATA XREF: guiGetUnaviMovieSizeFrameRateMessage+44
ROM:FF521E7C                  ; ROM:off_FF3CF9FC
ROM:FF521E7C                 DCB ", FrameRate(%d)",0

looks like 0x100 -> 0x106 and 0x3BF-0x3C0 StringIDs for Movie Sizes and Frame rates

ROM:FF6E5EA5 aMovieRec_Size  DCB "Movie rec. size",0
0x100, ROM:FF6E60E0 a1920x108030fps DCB "1920x1080 30fps",0
0x101, ROM:FF6E6320 a1920x108025fps DCB "1920x1080 25fps",0
0x102, ROM:FF6E6560 a1920x108024fps DCB "1920x1080 24fps",0
0x103, ROM:FF6E67A0 a1280x72060fps  DCB "1280x720 60fps",0
0x104, ROM:FF6E69C7 a1280x72050fps  DCB "1280x720 50fps",0
0x105, ROM:FF6E6BEE a640x48060fps   DCB "640x480 60fps",0
0x106, ROM:FF6E6DFC a640x48050fps   DCB "640x480 50fps",0
  ROM:FF6E700A aSoundRecording DCB "Sound recording",0


ROM:FF734A26 aCropUZuA       DCB "Crop ¯Üº¯Üá",0
0x3BF, ROM:FF734D32 aMovieCrop640x48060fps DCB "Movie Crop 640x480 60fps",0
0x3C0, ROM:FF735077 aMovieCrop640x48050fps DCB "Movie Crop 640x480 50fps",0
  ROM:FF7353BC aMovieExposure  DCB "Movie exposure",0

but how StringIDs are translated to adresses ?

update dec2011: Answer here