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some links about Eye-Fi hacking:

it runs eCos on an Atheros AR6001 chipset

in 550d 108;

  • Eye-Fi task is started here: ROM:FF013650 B j_EyeFiTask_Initialize
  • Task: ROM:FF16E5E0 EyeFiTask
    • create a MessageQueue = EyeFi
    • ROM:FF16E5FC LDR R0, [R4]  ; queue_handle
ROM:FF16E600                 MOV     R2, #0          ; wait
ROM:FF16E604                 MOV     R1, SP          ; event_addr
ROM:FF16E608                 BL      ReceiveMessageQueue
ROM:FF16E60C                 LDR     R0, [SP,#0x10+var_10]
ROM:FF16E610                 BL      eyefi_queue_handler
  • Related properties and functions:
  • ROM:FF26CFC8 does REQM and REQC processing
  • ROM:FF26DA58 does RSPM
  • ROM:FF26DB14 does RSPC

which are the fake files to communicate with the card software: new-eyefi-card.html

but why the card is incompatible with enabled bootflag ? does the camera try to run code from eyefi card ?