This area is black magic for now :)

How to cast spells[edit | edit source]

EngDrvOut(register, value);


unsigned long spell[] = {
      register1, value1,
      register2, value2,
      0xFFFFFFFF          // end of commands

Known spells[edit | edit source]

Changes FPS and forces shutter speed at 1/fps:

EngDrvOut(0xC0F06014, timer_value-1); // see VideoTimer for units
EngDrvOut(0xC0F06000, 0x01);        // coherent update

Causes a slight vertical zooming in LiveView image:

 EngDrvOut(0xC0F1133C, 0x0000008A);

NSTUBS[edit | edit source]


EngDrvOut 0xFF190B84 //ASM code is different from 550d.109, but called from same spots so it's the same function.
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