Magic Lantern Development on Mac

Build instructions

550D development

  • DevFAQ (Q & A)
  • 2.0.4 AJ for 5D2, lots of info can be applied to 550D

Firmware file

LED addresses

AJ's firmware analyzis on 5D Mk II firmware 2.0.4

ASM DryOs Dictionary All Wiki Pages IDA Tips Using ML - User Manual Building ML on a Mac Extending Magic Lantern Camera Standards
ARM Assembler Intro IDA Python IDAPython Tracing Calls
[AI] 550D State Objects DryOS API [AI] PROPerties GUI Events [AI] GUI Menus [AI] Events
[Alex] State Machine Diags Magic Lantern APIs [Alex] RemoteControl Ptp/Python Memory Map [AI] GUI String Ids [AI] DIGIC addresses
Tasks <EventDispatch> Tasks <UserLevel> Tasks Top Level Routines Interrupt Handlers Bootstrap
States Objects "LVRecState" State Object "LVState" State Object
MovieRecorder Struct MovieWriter Struct Zedbra ASM HotPlug Structs
VBR & CBR bitrates VRam to LCD {ML.Dev} Zoom
HUGE LiveView_Mgr_Struct Small LV state struct Zoom x1 x5 x10

DIGIC Config: x1 x5 x10


Engio_write() subs

AJ's firmware analyzis on 5D Mk II firmware 2.0.9

Boot process

Datasheets for camera hardware


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