Overview[edit | edit source]

Registers[edit | edit source]

Adresses Function Comments
0xC0520000 USB DMA?
0xC0720000 USB driver
0xC0820000, 0xC0820004, 0xC0820008, 0xC082000C, 0xC0820010, 0xC0820014, 0xC082001C, 0xC0820020, 0xC0820024, 0xC0820028, 0xC082002C, 0xC0820030 SerialIO related serial port is believed to be inside battery compartment (not used by GRIP), or on the mainboard.
0xC0920000 AudioIC
0xC0E00000, 0xC0E10000, 0xC0F01000 JpegIC, JPCore
0xC0F10xxx AF
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