Background: By: Coutts[edit | edit source]

I have taken the time to produce a "mobile" version of the arm-console, which runs natively under Windows. This eliminates the need to install a virtual machine and all of the pre-requisites associated with the arm-console. My hope is to allow this great tool developed by A1ex to be more accessible to developers.

I built this using py2exe under Windows 7 32-bit. It may work under other versions of windows but I can't confirm which ones. If anyone can report that it works under other versions, please feel free to edit this page.

Download Here

Setup[edit | edit source]

Setup is very easy. The only requirement is that Yagarto (arm toolchain) is installed. It can be obtained from here.

Install it in the default location in "C:\Program Files".

Next, unzip the contents of the arm-console zip into a folder and run arm-console.exe. No need to run from a command prompt, it will work just fine by running the executable by itself.

If all goes well, it should look like this:

ARM-Console ready to go.

For full usage guide, please refer to: GPL_Tools/ARM_console .

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