For those who are interested in finding how to unlock AF Micro Adjustement on 500d/550d/600d and 60d, here are some information:

  • fcsSetAFMicroAdjust (FF9BDCEC on 50d 1.0.8)
  • GUI_SetCFnDetailForTab3 (FF9A33A8 on 50d 1.0.8)
    • look for "GUI_SetCFnDetailForTab3 CFn7Param_No", "GUI_SetCFnDetailForTab3 CFn7Param_AF_Shift" and GUI_SetCFnDetailForTab3 CFn7Param_All_Shift
  • GUI_SetCFnForTab3 (FF9A3340 on 50d 1.0.8, FF36862C in 600d 1.0.1)
  • follow the 0x80010006 property (length=0x10 in 50d. length=5 in 600d)
    • message queue used in FF82A66C (50d 108)
  • send_siodriver (FF85C0C0 on 50 1.0.8) is used to send data to TX19A ?
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