AJ 2.0.4 page

Last release: AJ 5.9[edit | edit source]

State: 'DryOs 2.0.9 Compatibilty Courtesy of Pel' [2011_07_16][edit | edit source]

  • [100%] Hotplug for 2.0.9. [2011_07_13]
  • [?100%?] DryOs 2.0.9 Compatibility - Courtesy of Pel [2011_07_15]
  • [25%] External Monitor Compatibility. Vram in different location. Gets 'upset' when the Camera is Switched off (Goes into Err). Histogram does not work.

2.0.4 Quick Links (Yes I know we are now on DryOs version 2.0.9)[edit | edit source]

ASM DryOs Dictionary All Wiki Pages IDA Tips Using ML - User Manual Building ML on a Mac Extending Magic Lantern Camera Standards
ARM Assembler Intro IDA Python IDAPython Tracing Calls
[AI] 550D State Objects DryOS API [AI] PROPerties GUI Events [AI] GUI Menus [AI] Events
[Alex] State Machine Diags Magic Lantern APIs [Alex] RemoteControl Ptp/Python Memory Map [AI] GUI String Ids [AI] DIGIC addresses
Tasks <EventDispatch> Tasks <UserLevel> Tasks Top Level Routines Interrupt Handlers Bootstrap
States Objects "LVRecState" State Object "LVState" State Object
MovieRecorder Struct MovieWriter Struct Zedbra ASM HotPlug Structs
VBR & CBR bitrates VRam to LCD {ML.Dev} Zoom
HUGE LiveView_Mgr_Struct Small LV state struct Zoom x1 x5 x10

DIGIC Config: x1 x5 x10


Engio_write() subs


History (continuation from 2.0.4)

  • [2011_06_14] Cleaned out some of the hardcoding -> Now using Canon Properties. Noted that Different batteries report differnent 'Raw levels' than the ones I coded for initially.
  • Cropmarks now correctly scaled on External HDMI montior.
  • Vram is in different location / and maybe resolution too. So histograms producing rubbish.
  • Also .. when shutting down, DryOs is going into Error.
  • [2011_06_15] AJ 5.8 Fixed % used for Battery Icon
  • [2011_07_13] Had an hour spare ... and threw together a hotplug routine - Yes it works .. but there is still problems with external montors when switching them off / or trying to use Play.
  • [2011_07_15] Pel has acquired a Canon 5d mk 2! And has just sent me a Stubs update -> 2.0.9
  • [2011_07_16] Canon 2.0.9 .. seems to be more stable with UDMA7 cards :D.
  • [2011_08_14] Release AJ 5.9 + a slightly more full manual :D
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