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This structure is used in the state machines that deal with LV (Live View) and LVRec (Recording)

Look at the related pages for more information on the routines that use them

LiveView_struct - Small one at 0x44FC that has LV StateObjs. Size = 0xC8
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Struct Name Values Comment
[0x24] FaceALOLock Ref: AJ_FaceALOLock_Start()


Pointer to State Object for "LVstate" state object


Pointer to State Object for "LVRec" state object

See StateObj main page for info on how next state sub address is chosen.

[0x44] ResetPsave AJ_ResetPsave()
[0x4C] 1 Set to 1 in AJ_ResetPsave
[0x54] Calc_AeParameter_p1 Ref: AJ_CalculateAeParameter()
[0x88] AccumH Ref: AJ_CompareAccumH()
[0x90] WbIntegFrameForWb

Have a look at AJ_GetWbIntegFrameForWb()


[0x94] WbIntegRegisterForAe AJ_SetWbIntegRegisterForAe()
[0xC0] HD_vram_base

// BANK1 = 0x44000080
// BANK1 = 0x4C000080
// BANK1 = 0x50000080

[2011_02_03] AJ: Could be useful :D

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